Fitness Around the World: Most & Least Physically Active Countries

During the Olympics, we get a glimpse of athleticism in different sports from the best athletes around the world.   Athletes represent countries from every corners of the globe displaying fitness, health, dedication, and inspire people everywhere.

What about the countries’ overall population physical activity level?   According to the  medical journal The Lancet, low levels of physical activity are the 4th leading cause of death worldwide.  The study questioned people from around the world about their activity level at work, home, and during leisure time.   

France and Greece were some of the most active in Europe, while the Middle East tended to be high on the inactivity scale.  African and Southeast Asia generally had the highest levels of activity.   

The United States has an inactivity rate of 41%

Most Active Countries:

  1. Bangladesh- 4.7% adults inactive
  2. Mozambique- 7.1%
  3. Benin- 9.1%
  4. Mongolia- 9.4%
  5. Cambodia- 11.2%

Least Active Countries

  1. Malta- 71.9% adults in-active
  2. Swaziland0- 69%
  3. Saudi Arabia- 68.8%
  4. Argentina- 68.3%
  5. Serbia- 68.3%

Source:The Lancet, Volume 380, Issue 9838, Pages 294 – 305, 21 July 2012.

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