200 calories in 15 minutes Stair Workout

Good morning champs!

Atlanta has been having some great weather these past couple of weeks and as a trainer I am loving the beautiful clear skies and slight breeze.   With the weather warming up and sun beaming down in Georgia, we are wearing less and less clothes!  That means summer time fine bodies get to show off fit and healthy bodies.   I got my jean cut-off shorts ready!

One of my favorite outdoor workouts for me and my clients are stair or bleacher workouts.   You don’t have to be outside, but I enjoy the change in scenery :-)  Running stairs for many people is a form of cardio.   Unlike jogging or running on a flat surface, stair runs are an amazing butt and thigh workout that will not make your butt disappear.  Instead stair running will boost your bottom and reduce cellulite.  Stair workouts also challenges your core and balance to help blast belly fat.  With just 15 minutes, you can do this circuit workout that not only challenges you aerobically, but you also get to tone and shape your lower body.

Instructions: Perform each exercise back to back with minimal rest consecutively. Rest for 1-2 minutes after the 3rd exercise.  Repeat for 3-4 rounds.

1.  Stair Run

Stair Runs: Depending on fitness level sprint, jog, or walk the stairs.
(if you have a knee injury or issues, walk down the stairs instead of running down)

2.  Pistol Squats x 10/leg 

1. Start with feet shoulder width apart, then lift one leg straight and out in front of your body, and balance

2. Inhale & lower yourself into a squat pushing your hips back, chest up, and abs pulled in. Knee should be behind toe.

3. Squat to parallel, exhale, & then push through your heel, squeeze your thigh and butt, and back up to starting position.

**ASSISTED** If you need the bleacher, squat all the way down to seating on the stair, but use your leg muscles to stand back up. When you get strong enough, you won’t have to sit down That should be your goal! :-)

3.  Box Jumps x 15

1. Stand in front of stair, feet shoulder to hip width apart.

2. Explode and jump onto stair safely absorbing shock and controlled.

3. Immediately jump or step back down to starting position. Immediately repeat jumping back and forth as fast as possible.

Alright champs!  Let’s  Get Fit!  Stay Sexy! Live Healthy!

Tag #biancaspicertraining on Twitter or Instagram after you finish the workout and tell me what you think and how you did! Feel free to comment here or on my facebook page!  You guys motivate me!

xo, Bianca

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